Thursday, July 26


Palm house

Impossible Project Space Vienna!!! Visiting every Impossible Project space in the world is in my "Bucket" list and list of Places I want to see/visit beore I die -- little did I know I will be able to go to the one in Vienna. Haha!

This is me, a few steps away from Impossible Project!!!
 Prater Park
I didn't wanna leave empty handed! Hahah! I bought a refurbished Polaroid camera and some films

 MuseumsQuartier. It was so nice I wanted to go back the next day. And yup, I went back.. Alone!

 MUMOK. I love MUMOK! It was my favorite museum until I got to check out Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Haha!
We went on a roadtrip to Prague, Czech Republic before flying out to Rome the next day.
 We had breakfast at this place called Rosenberger in Vienna.

That's my mom :)

So excited for Rome!
The Trevi fountain was just near our hotel so it was our first stop on our first day.

 We visited the Colosseum twice.
 View from our hotel room. I miss!
Inside the Colosseum
Eiffel Tower! Still can't believe it!
 Arc de Triomphe
 Getting lost looking for Musee Galliera for the Balenciaga x Comme de Garcons exposition. We found it but it was closed! So we decided to check out Palais de Tokyo (one of the many places on my list haha) which was kinda close to Musee Galliera. We were about to give up but we found it!


I miss Europe! Definitely going back and explore more places!


  1. You should post more. Awesome pictures! Wish I was there...

  2. Like it so much. wished both bigbangs were there