Saturday, September 10

Day 1

September 4

We went to Hong Kong for our term break with our family. It's been years since I last went to HK so I was so excited. It was my 2nd time in Hong Kong and Christine's third. We had breakfast at Mabuhay Lounge while waiting for our 8AM flight.

That's Papa, reading the morning paper.

 We arrived around 10AM something and went straight to Hollyood Hotel. We stayed there on our first night. It was my favorite hotel when I was a kid. Haha! 
 Disneyland!!! They're celebrating their 5th anniversary! Oh, spot Papa! Haha!

Christine bought one of these.

 Waiting in line.

 We had late lunch at Main Street Corner Cafe.

More after the cut!

Astro Blasters!

 Rode the Space Mountain with Papa and Ciara
 After the ride, Papa went back to the hotel because the check-in time was 3PM, I think.
 Tried this out with Mama, Christine and Ciara. It's so cute! Spot Ciara in the picture! Haha!

 These two were singing in Filipino!

 The Lion King Festival!

Waited for Tinkerbell's Castle Illumination.

 Then we went back to the hotel and had late dinner at Studio Lounge.

To be continued..


  1. I love Disney!! But it was way too hot when we went there, so I just enjoyed the Disney shows and foods. Love your boots by the way! And I did bought the mickey glasses/shades and the Dooney bag for Disney, too cute!! :)

    Beautiful photos!! :)