Wednesday, December 1

Hello December!!!

Just hoping our mom, dad or Santa Claus will see what we like for Christmas... :)

Gold Dot Alexa heels / Flip Mino HD / iPod Touch / Watercolor brushes / Canon 50mm lens / a cool denim vest / Dr Martens WORN 1460 / Dr Martens 1460 Women Black Victorian Flowers / 135mm film rolls / Moleskine Watercolor sketchpad

Nylon Street View by Nylon / Leather Mini Studded Bag / Neivz by Steven Shein Girl Eyes ring / Lomography Diana F+ / iPod classic / Neivz by Steven Shein Unset ring / Neivz by Steven Shein Rad ring / Sueddette Ankle Shoes / Leatherette Bomber Jacket / Cupcake Mints / Lazy Oaf in The Mix Grey Rucksack / Dr. Martens / Cupcake Bandages / Magical Embellished Boots


  1. i love how creative your christmas list is! i might make one as well hehe oh! i have those cupcake mints!:) hehe got it from greenbelt at back something =p but, i want those cupcake bandages!! and doc martens!!

  2. I love how your wishlist looks! I'll make one of those too. Except I think that mine will be a little bit full. =))) TOO MANY WISHES.

  3. nice wishlist!! i love the doc martens great picks!
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  4. That's such a great wishlist! Lovin' the floral docs, lenses, and rucksack!

  5. i got inspired by your wishlist! they look so creative :)