Saturday, September 25

No cars in the parking lot

Christine: Random bazaar top, Dorothy Perkins shorts/skort, Liz Claiborne bag, Forever 21 necklace
Camille: Denim jacket, Forever21 dress, Shoeology shoes, Substance bag

Our mom had a very late birthday celebration last night and we got tagged along so I could take photos (?)! I didn't quite like the food. I am really sorry but Chinese food doesn't really make me happy. The only one I liked was the peking duck and some others that looked good were the pancit and the prawns... which I cannot eat because I'm allergic to shrimps and stuff like that. :( I enjoyed the dessert though. Nothing spectacular... I just really like sweets!

I posted this photo on my Facebook and one of our friends noticed Camille wasn't there. She was the one who took the photos but yeah, someone noticed so I had to paste here there!


  1. you guys look so cute! lovin' the florals here.

  2. awesome picture i love your outfit!

  3. oh, i only found out now that you're sisters! aw, you two are adorable.

    Christine! say hi to me next time na talaga ok! i'm probably even going to be the more awkward one between the two of us, haha. promise, i'm nice! :D

    boat ride through the sky