Tuesday, June 1

Another sun soaked season fades away...

It's a shame that over the summer we haven't really been blogging. It's just that most days, we only stayed home and nothing interesting was happening. We've also planned shooting for Black heart Vintage and organizing it but we always failed due to laziness.

Went to the beach last weekend with our family. It was really refreshing. Pico de Loro is just lovely... it's still unfinished but we can already imagine how pretty the place will be once it's all done.

Oh and the one in yellow/pink sunglasses is our youngest sister, Ciara!

School just started for Christine and she has a really messed up schedule. Not happy. And Camille's first day in the university starts in a few days!


  1. very nice photos! I love!!!


  2. your beach outfits are so adorable!
    i love each and every one of them!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥